About Us...

Vision and Goals

  • Proclamation Evangelism:- Preaching to fulfil the Great Commission; Matt. 24:14
  • Soul-winning Evangelism:- Pressing people to whom we preach, to accept Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord.
  • Church Planting and Church Growth:- Planting churches where sound gospel truth can be taught in an enabling environment.
  • Disciple-making:- Impressing upon believers a life of discipleship as Jesus commands-Matt. 28:19
  • Labourer Training:- With very great expectations we believe that multitudes of leaders should be trained, especially those who will lead at the mass, broader sections of church life.
  • Social Improvement Services:- We as salt and light should make it possible for the society to benefit physically and directly from us; through our provision of schools and hospitals etc.

Our Core Business

  • WINNING:- Getting a person to trust Jesus Christ as Saviour
  • CHURCHING:- Getting a person to be established and serving Jesus Christ our Lord in a local GCCI congregation (church).
  • DISCIPLING:- Teaching won and churched believers to observe all things that the Lord Jesus Christ commanded, equipping them for the work of the ministry and for every good work.
  • THE NATIONS:- Every ethnic group (every tribe, ethnic group, language and tongue)


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